Drop Your NFT Collection With ZERO Coding Skills

Seamless, multichain solution to create a smart contract & minting page without giving up any royalties

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Why Choose Zero Code ?

We offer an advanced no-code tool to simplify the smart contract development and deployment process across many blockchains, allowing you to launch your NFTs with no previous coding experience.


Pick One Of The Hottest Blockchains

Our smart contract wizard supports Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Cronos, Optimism, Arbitrum, Flare Songbird, Harmony, Thinkium and others coming soon.

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Bring Out Your NFT Collection Right Away

Remove the entry barriers to creating a smart contract and skip the complex programming concepts with our easy-to-use no-code alternative. Your NFTs will be in the market in no time!

Deploy On Test Net
Deploy On Test Net
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cost effective

Invest In A Cost-Effective Solution

There’s no need to spend a small fortune on searching, vetting, and hiring a dedicated software developer to build your smart contract. Zero Code offers a smart contract solution at a super competitive price AND a cheap gas fee!

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Our Features

Discover our wide selection of features and choose which ones you wish to implement into your collection

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Our Pricing

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Test your smart contract and mint for free. Only pay when ready to go live!
Lazy mint (your customers will pay the gas fees)
Delayed reveal
Smart contract management panel
Split revenue between team members
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10% off


Are you a registered charity organization? Zero Code NFT supports non-profits with a 10% service discount!
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$399/smart contract

Custom Build

Need a unique smart contract and/or dApp for a bespoke project or a white label solution ?
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Enter The World Of NFTs With Minimum Hassle & Stress


How much is the gas fee to deploy the smart contract on Ethereum ?

Depending on network conditions and selected features it can vary from 0.05 to 0.25 Eth

Do I have to host the minting website ?

No, we host the minting page for you

How do I contact you if I or my web developer need some guidance ?

Reach out on Discord or Telegram

Who can control my smart contract once it's deployed e.g. start/pause sales, withdraw balance, etc ?

Only you or someone you designate

Can I change the NFT price after I deploy the smart contract?

Yes, it's done in your Smart Contract Dashboard

Will my smart contract be verified on block explorer like etherscan ?

Yes, we can help verify the smart contract once it's deployed to the mainnet (production)

Do you plan on supporting any other blockchains ?

We would love to if there is a demand. Let us know via one of our social channels!

Can I create a play-to-earn or DAO smart contract ?

Not yet but it's on the roadmap

What are the payment methods ?

PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card, Eth

I still have questions how can I reach you ?

Please reach out on Discord or Telegram

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