Top 10 Best Non Fungible Tokens Jokes - NFT Memes

Top 10 Best Non Fungible Tokens Jokes - NFT Memes

Making money can be full of laughter.

When you realize people are making millions just by selling some jpeg. By jpeg we refer to NFTs!!!

Who doesn't enjoy the giveaway? We never want to miss a free NFT giveaway!!!

Here in this meme, a guy is using NFT instead of money. That day is not so far that we will start using NFTs as a legal tender!!

Wanna add value to your NFTs? Deploy your NFT collection with a smart contract and start minting!

The picture says it all!!

 This shows how much an NFT can mean to someone. He's more worried about not finding NFT than his kids!!!

 The name says it all!! Just a name is enough to convince the message. Omnichain NFTs let you move your NFTs freely across different chains.

What our parents used to do vs. what we are doing now. It clearly shows the obsession of people with NFTs.

 It refers to the monkey image on bored ape yacht club NFTs.

Norman Osborn expressing emotions of NFT creator accurately :P