How to Create a Community Around Your NFT

How to Create a Community Around Your NFT

So, you’ve put together an astounding collection of NFTs. Now what?

Well, it’s much like you’d do with actual music albums or gorgeous painting on a canvas, you’d reach out to people who may be interested in buying your NFTs and sell it to them. But where do you find them?

One way to do this is to go out in search of new and interested buyers every single time. Or, you could create and nurture an active NFT community so you don’t have to start from scratch all the time.

Which is why in this article, we will delve deeper into how you can build your own NFT community. Where do you start? How do you generate traffic? And most importantly, how do you set this community up for long term?

Get ready to learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about NFT communities and more.

Why do you need an NFT community?

One of the most important things about selling NFTs is the community you get to build along the way. But why is it important?

1. You get to attract new buyers: A lot of NFT enthusiasts are looking for a trusted platform to inform, educate, and provide that little nudge to cop their NFTs. Your community might just turn out to be that trusted space they’ve always wanted to find.

2. You get to engage already existing buyers: The people who already own NFTs tend to stay within NFT communities a long time after buying their NFTs. This is usually because they wish to buy more NFTs or they just want to know more about the perks and abundant opportunities that come with owning such NFTs. Where could they go to find such information?

Your NFT community.

Truth is, if you’re looking to create and sell NFTs long term, you need to build an NFT community. But the question is how? Let’s explore your options.

Metaverse Vs. Social Media

NFTs and the Metaverse are very closely related so the Metaverse has got to be the first choice when it comes to creating your NFT community, right?

Well, not exactly.

While the Metaverse does sound like the refined home of NFTs, as of now, it isn’t really a first choice when it comes to creating your NFT community.

Artists put up a lot of NFTs in Metaverse galleries. While a lot of people can visit the Metaverse and indicate interest in these NFTs, these prospects are usually not there at the same time- unless there’s an event (which does not happen too often). When you get into Decentraland, all you’d see is a bunch of pictures with no one there.

On the flip side, with social media, NFT enthusiasts can come in and interact with each other in real time, even if they don’t have a bunch of NFTs they’re currently looking to buy.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Discord create that permanent, interactive community for users to obtain valuable information about NFTs and NFT-related events coming up within the Metaverse.

Best Platform to Setup Your NFT Community

Now that we’ve established where you should look to create your NFT community, let’s dial into the specifics. What social media platform should you focus on?

You have three main options:

• Instagram

• Twitter

• Discord

Instagram and Twitter are alike in their workings.

On Twitter, with just a few characters, a picture, or a video, you can create interactions and engagements with millions users around the globe. You could do the same with Instagram, just that in this case, you’ll need to put in a bit more work on the captions.

But while Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to create engagements, they are tools to stir people to a more streamlined platform for engagement: your Discord Channel.

Why Discord?

Discord is the ultimate tool when it comes to creating and maintaining interactions with your NFT community.

Every other platform creates this mentor-mentee dynamic to interactions. On Twitter, you tweet a post and users comment on your wealth of knowledge. On Instagram, you post a picture and your followers go on and on about how helpful it was.

However, Discord creates room for interactive chat, tones down that mentor-mentee dynamic that’s very prominent on the other platforms, and allows users to freely chat, interact, and share ideas about new and interesting developments in the NFT space. Also, Discord is more streamlined. People only join your community if they want to learn or know more about NFTs.

Remember, in building your NFT community, you want to focus on platforms where users are most likely to group together. That way, you can generate leads, engage them, and eventually, have them purchase your NFT collection.

Building Your NFT Community

There are two main things you can do to build your NFT Community

• Provide Value

• Interact & Network

Providing Value: When people come to your page, it’s because they want to gain something from it- whether it’s learning something new about NFTs or simplifying what they thought they knew. Naturally, the more value you provide, the more that people will gravitate toward you as an authority they can trust.

Interacting and Networking: You may have so much value to give, but if you don’t share that with people, your NFT community cannot grow. Make effort to interact with other accounts. Comment on other NFT posts. Use relevant hashtags and network aggressively with other twitter users. For example, you could host or co-host audio conversations to educate and promote the general knowledge of NFTs.

Don’t forget to link your accounts too. Remember, Instagram and Twitter are funnels drive more traffic for Discord, so drop your discord links as well.

Discord NFT Community Best Practices

• Let Users Interact: Don’t just talk about your own NFT collection. Allow users to interact and share information about other NFTs.

• Segment Your Rooms: Create different channels for specific things and different channels for general things. For example, you could create a different section for banter, announcements and event updates, giveaway, and promotions to keep things running smooth.

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